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My name is Judy Murphy, and I decided to create FatDismiss.COM: “The best way to lose weight and get a flat belly fast”  to give you more information about diet, healthy eating, weight loss and how to stay healthy and fit.

I am an original woman like 80% of you. When I had my first son, I took more than 25 kg. After my childbirth, I wanted to lose my kilograms. I followed a diet plan and did exercises to support my efforts. And the results were not long in coming.

I’m sure you would like to have a flat stomach quickly. You will also like to have a sexy and healthy look. I will help you with my articles, videos, and recommendations for effective products.

Many spend time on things that do not work. Here, I’m going to show you just what it takes to lose weight, melt belly fat and stay sexy and fit without the risk of getting fired.

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